Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BDO Rewards: A scam?

I have been informed by several BDO depositors that their rewards points were not credited. BDO keeps on advertising the said loyalty program on TV, radio, and print for several months now, but points are not given. Some enrolments have not been processed, even if they have qualifed months ago.

Flyers have been distributed in all BDO branches, with the following information:

Qualified customers:
- depositors who have a SA or CA with a maintaining balance of P10,000
- depositors who have a UITF account
- BDO or Equitable credit card holders

Points distribution:
- 10 welcome points
- 20 points for a P50,000 deposit
- 2 points for every P5,000 in excess of P50,000
- 10 points for 1st time enrolment of bills for bills payment
- 4 points for phone banking / mobile banking bills payment (min. of P400/transaction)
- and many other points incentives for availing other BDO services

Apparently, upon doing some of the transactions, these depositors didn't get the points as promised. Only the points earned upon presenting the card when purchasing at SM were credited. (and that is a non-BDO transaction). They have forwarded this concern to the BDO Rewards hotline, but they were informed that there is an ongoing “systems upgrade” that resulted to delays in crediting points, especially in the months of May, June, and July. The months of August and September were no different too; no points were credited, according to the depositors.

And the member acquisition program went on and on... with commercials on TV, radio, and print...

... and so did the complaints, follow-ups, and @$#^$&%* of disgruntled depositors...

And guess what? Whatta surprise to them! After maintaining the P50,000 deposit for months with just a measly 0.60% net interest on savings, and waiting for their accounts to get enrolled in the program, depositors are now being informed that points have been lowered! That really pissed off a lot of people. BDO released such a “rewarding” points scheme, lured thousands of depositors to pour in P50,000 into the bank, delayed the enrolment processing of qualified applicants, snubbed the crediting of higher points, and now turns its back to its customers by cutting down on the points they were promised with!

I find it really “baduy” for people to get crazy about collecting points. But what can we do? It's the BDO-SM marketing might. Remember the TV commercial “Points! Points! Poiiiiiints!”? The man going crazy, shouting in front of the tellers just because of the BDO Rewards points he earned? Yeah, it sure is “baduy”, it's crazy—I'm referring to the commercial and the loyalty points program, in general. But it would be crazier for people to fall into this BDO trap once again, after experiencing the BDO Rewards “scam”.

They now say that we should never trust BDO. They never give something for the benefit of their customers. Remember one of their older TV ads? “Because your time is more important than MONEY...” Ha ha ha! Anong drama yan?

For BDO, all is money. All is to their advantage. A common joke among SM shoppers is: “Do you have an SM Disadvantage Card?”. But right now, depositors and shoppers think of it as more than just 'Disadvantage', but rather, an “SM Take Advantage Card.”

SM Advantage and BDO Rewards cardholders may recall having experienced their points being deducted because of an automatic enrolment in an unpopular insurance firm. SM Advantage claims that the cardholders need to fill out a form so that they may be “de-enrolled” from the insurance program.

Hmmm... What was that? Martial Law? You have no choice but to do business with SM's co-advantageous partners? And it is the cardholder's responsibility to submit a request in case he chooses to opt-out in a mandatory availment of insurance?

Another thing... you might have experienced receiving calls, numerous calls from Philam, offering another insurance. Where did they get our contact numbers? It's simple. SM-BDO sold our personal information to them! And on top of that, SM-BDO would also get a commission in case you availed of the Philam offer.

Now, tell me, are we still in a democracy?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SM, a Carebear?

I guess you all know that I hate the SM Group. I hate how SM abuses its suppliers and tenants. I hate the recent developments in BDO. On the other hand, I love Mall of Asia. I love Megamall. I love The Block at North Edsa. I love The Podium. I love some of BDO's services. But I simply hate SM for enjoying the luxury of doing business at the expense of others.

Nevertheless, they exert some effort in showing how they care for certain sectors of society. And just for that, I can say that I admire SM... well, just a bit.

Again, from the Autism Society of the Philippines...

In an Inquirer interview published 22nd of July this year, Ms. Liza Silerio, SM AVP for Operations, recalled how an encounter of their mall guard with an autistic boy in SM Megamall four years ago taught them how to take better care of their special customers.

Ms. Annie Garcia, SM President, on that same interview said "The mall should provide a safe environment, especially in a country where it plays a big part in everyday life".

After said incident, SM consulted various organizations in the disability sector, including Autism Society Philippines, and came up with a series of seminars on creating a non-handicapping environment. SM Management plans to run this program every six months, primarily for their frontliners.

And since 2004, ASP has been consistently invited by SM Management to educate their management, tenants, staff, security guards and janitors on how to recognize mall customers with autism, and how to handle them.

This year, ASP had been to SM Malls in Sta. Mesa, Valenzuela, Pasig, North EDSA, Manila, Sucat, Bicutan, Las Piñas and Fairview, as well as in Podium, reaching out to around 1,600 participants.

Hats off to SM for such great effort in providing special concern for special people. But I'm still a bit troubled.

With BDO, that is. Now that SM has set up shop in practically every major Philippine city, their malls have nowhere to expand. And the SM Group would most likely pour in all their funds into BDO's dominance, which will certainly hurt more businesses and our economy. They now control the banks, they practically control the ATM consortium Megalink, and with their acquisition of the giant card issuer Equitable Card Network, and just recently, the local American Express units, I can really smell danger.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Long Term Negotiable Certificate of Deposit

Wondering why UITFs are declining? Put the blame on LTNCDs!

LTNCDs are peso-denominated negotiable certificates of deposit with an amount of indebtedness of a bank and a designated maturity. It has a minimum maturity of usually five (5) years.

For its offer period, it is sold through the selling agents. Subsequently it is also offered through authorized market makers. LTNCDs represent the Bank's obligation to pay the face value upon maturity and the specified coupon or interest regularly (around every 3 months).

LTNCDs cater primarily to individuals and corporations in search of a superior investment alternative which can help diversify their portfolios. LTNCDs can also be purchased by financial or institutional investors.

As a bond-deposit hybrid, LTNCDs are high-yielding instruments that are negotiable. LTNCDs are also covered by PDIC insurance up to P250k per depositor. An investor can invest in an LTNCD for as low as P100k.

LTNCDs aim to mobilize savings and encourage long-term investment for individual investors as a tax-exempt certificate if held to maturity.

Just like the retail treasury bonds and the UITFs which were among the hottest financial instruments the past few years, the LTNCD is just a new vehicle to park your excess funds, and as such, some of the loopholes may not have surfaced. Remember that after a while, there were some revisions made in regulating RTBs and UITFs, and this had some minor effects (i.e. slight expenses and some confusion among investors). This may possibly happen with LTNCDs, especially when government regulators come in and get themselves involved in hot issues such as these.

Banks that have offered LTNCDs include BDO, BPI, and just recently, AIG-Philam Savings Bank.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Don't Lose your Credit Cards!

A number of credit card holders were recently victimized by a "salisi" thief when their office was intruded by the robber. They only realized that their wallets were lost toward the end of the work day, and immediately they reported the incident to their respective credit card companies. However, it was too late. A shopping spree for the thief and his friends! P100,000 worth of purchases have fraudulently been made using the credit cards.

The victims wrote to the Bangko Sentral to report about the incident. Unfortunately, the bank regulator couldn't do much. Here is BSP's reply...

"As regard your concern on the charges made to your credit cards prior to reporting these lost, we regret to inform that inasmuch as your disputed concerns are contractual in nature, the Bangko Sentral cannot settle such cases as it is not within its authority to do so."

"We suggest that you try once more to request the banks to reinvestigate your cases and for them to look more kindly on your predicament as they might find a more suitable solution to your problem. If the banks will not agree to reverse the charges, as they most likely will, the next best course of action is to ask for more reasonable and affordable paying terms."

"Lastly, may we take this opportunity to remind you to please carefully read all terms and conditions before entering into contracts, be extra vigilant in handling your credit cards and to report loss of the card as soon as possible, to avoid similar situations from recurring."

I just wonder why some credit card issuers who previously issued cards with pictures have stopped offering these photocards. This would have been a pretty good security feature that could have prevented fraudulent transactions.
I also propose that regulators come up with a policy that allows credit cards to only be used upon presentation of a valid ID with picture. Also, it is noted that most retail establishments are very lenient in accepting credit cards as mode of payment, oftentimes neglecting signatures, and so these establishments must also take the blame for allowing fraudulent transactions to take place.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mixed reactions on Banco Paranaque

The Rural Bank of Paranaque is gaining more popularity as it finds itself stuck into swindling controversies linked with its affiliate Legacy Plans.

Well the bank gives high interest rates, very high. Yeah, it's an indication that they are shaky. But they also lend out the money at an even higher rate, around 36% for their microfinancing. That means, they are earning enough to sustain their operations and pay interest to their depositors. That is, if there are borrowers.

So, should you invest in Banco Paranaque, or not? If you have an extra amount of money, then why not? It is a rural bank; your deposit is insured up to a maximum of P250,000.

Will it close down? Well, only time will tell. But if you are really interested in getting interest rates as high as 10% for the short term, and advanced interest of 20% for the long term, and even a free cellphone... then ask yourself if you are willing to spend a day going to PDIC to get your insured deposit. It would just be a day. Or even an hour.

If you think you can, then go for Banco Paranaque. Just make sure to transact inside the bank premises, with authorized bank personel.

More comments and reactions on Rural Bank of Paranaque can be found on the several pages in this link...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mayor Lim should have given way to Danny Lacuna

One day before the elections, May 13, I chanced upon Mayor Fred Lim at the National Bookstore branch in the Mall of Asia.

Cool! Dirty Harry with his wife queuing, waiting for their turn at the check out counter.

This man is admirable, and truly deserves another term as City Mayor of Manila.

But think again. Danny Lacuna, who has been vice-mayor for numerous terms, wasn't given the chance to be the mayor, despite of his 40 long years of dedicated service to the Manilenyos.

So did Manilenyos make the wrong decision of reinstalling Lim as mayor? Not really. Both would have served their constituents well, but the downside of electing Lim as mayor this year is...

... Lim won't be able to finish his remaining 3 years as senator of the republic, and thus, we again have a senate with just 23 members, which had happened before, when PGMA and Noli were each elected as VP in 1998 and 2004, respectively. And there have been occasions when members of the senate need to debate or vote on important matters, and by now we should realize that the numbers really count.

A better scenario would have been Lim staying on as senator, and Lacuna assuming the mayoralty post in Manila. We could have had a senate with a complete lineup, and at the same time, still tap the services of Lacuna.

Well, anyway, what the legislators should do now is to fix the problem of letting senators assume other posts and not finishing their terms.

A reverse scenario was that of Lito Lapid. He ran for the mayoralty post in Makati, saying that he does not really fit into the job of a legislator. By admitting that, Lapid should have resigned from the senate to run for mayor. Interestingly, he lost, and he still would enjoy the next 3 years sitting comfortably in the session hall of the senate.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bubwit chooses The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007

Thanks so much to Janette Toral for this bright idea, see Reflective Thinking - Taking the 8th Habit Challenge.

The Rules
  1. Write a post listing a maximum of 10 blogs created since August 1, 2006 that you think are the most influential.
  2. Include a link to the original Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007 writing project post.
  3. Leave a comment on the original writing project post, with a link to your own post, so that your votes can be counted.
  4. Posts are tallied weekly. The project is on its third week and those blogs who have been voted only once so far will be deleted unless voted again in week 4.
Thanks so much to Shamanism, AnitoKid, BlogMeister, and Legal Two-timer for including me in their Top 10 list of Influential Blogs.

Here are my personal faves:

  1. Shamanism
  2. Anitokid
  3. Force Analytics
  4. Kikong Kalikot
  5. Punditocracy
  6. Information Arbitrage
  7. 3x + y
  8. BlogMeister
  9. The Legal Two-Timer
  10. The Broken Bow

The final list on August 1!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Extort group irritates BSP

A senior official of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has expressed disgust over the statements issued to media by an alleged extortion group preying on banks.

The official, who requested anonymity, said in an interview the extortion group, uncovered by the National Bureau of Investigation, is falsely using the name of the BSP to harass its prospective victims.

“Anybody may file a complaint at the BSP against a bank, but what is irregular is that the alleged extortionists would now use the complaint to threaten their victims to give in to their demands or they would publicize their complaint, regardless if the complaint would hold water or not,” said the official.

The official was referring to an article published last Saturday, wherein former banker Honorio C. Bulos, who was blacklisted by the BSP for banking violations, issued a statement allegedly in an attempt to destroy the image of the Rural Bank of Parañaque.

“How can anyone in his right mind do that? A bank is a public trust and it thrives on its image and confidence of the depositors. If anyone has an axe to grind, he or she better use the courts and not just drag the name of the BSP and a banking institution for their personal squabbles,” the official said.

“We are extra cautious in accepting complaints at the BSP so as to protect establishments from opportunists, poseurs and extortionists,” the official added.

The news item also quoted lawyer Felipe Arcilla, allegedly a member of the extortion group, saying the BSP has no jurisdiction over the extension of a bank’s corporate life.

“That man should review his law books or should shift professions,” the BSP official said. “By golly! We are talking of extending the life of a bank, by legal and common sense the BSP should be involved.”

The extortion group’s members reportedly include Victor Fortuna, who was arrested in an entrapment by the NBI for extortion and grave threats, as well as Shahara Abdullah and lawyer Ramon Dino, who were issued warrants of arrest for extortion and libel by Branches 88 and 213 of RTC Quezon City and Mandaluyong, respectively.

The supposed extortion gang is allegedly demanding millions of pesos from RBOP and spreading false information that its corporate life has expired.

“We (BSP) have just given the subject bank a certificate of authority to extend its corporate life for another 50 years last April 30. What do people expect? Of course, everything has to undergo a process,” the official added.

High-risk bank promos alarm regulators

Reposted from:
Inquirer News Service

BANKING regulators are alarmed over high-risk deposit-taking schemes among a number of banks, which are now being investigated for possible violation of rules against unsafe and unsound practices.

In an interview at the sidelines of the recent Financial Sector Forum, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. president Ricardo Tan said: "This is a quasi-pyramiding scheme using the PDIC as the fall guy institution, so we're trying to do something about it." Tan said some banks that were offering "double your money" schemes--or about 20 percent a year for five years--might be putting themselves, and PDIC, at risk.

"We know definitely a number of banks that are doing this and we're concerned," he said.
"We're looking into the affiliates of banks that are doing the marketing because this may constitute unfair and unsound banking practice," Tan said.

Tan said that PDIC, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and even the Securities and Exchange Commission knew about the scheme and were trying to cooperate to find ways to curb these practices.

Asked why the PDIC thought it was similar to a pyramiding scheme, Tan said: "They will say, if you put in P2 million, then split it into several accounts, put them into time deposit and we'll give you goodies [in return]: give you a car, give 20-percent [a year] interest. And for them to sustain this, they have to get more customers."

"In order for them to sustain this kind of activity, they have to keep on getting more and more customers. When the pyramid [collapses] like a house of cards, they know the PDIC is there," he said.

Once a reckless bank collapses due to these risky practices, he said PDIC would be the one obliged to pay off the insured depositors.

"We can't say that we won't pay the insured depositors, but we can look into the practices that are unsafe and unsound and see what we may have against the institutions that are undertaking these irregular practices," Tan said.

The PDIC chief said banking regulators were now studying ways on how to address the looming problem that might be caused by these bank practices.

Tan has been saying that the shutdown of at least seven thrift and rural banks so far this year, for instance, was "no joke" as it had resulted in costly settlements even if these were mostly small lenders.

PDIC has mapped out a strategy to shore up its reserves by at least P50 billion to boost its capital adequacy following the recent spate of costly bank failures. Its current deposit insurance fund of P40 billion was deemed insufficient to cover long-term risk probabilities.

"We've put in place a new sector called financial resources management and comptrollership sector and one of the core functions of this sector is to manage the deposit insurance fund on a more focused and professional basis, going away from mom-and-pop kind of operations," Tan said.

Gretch and Ruff

Hmm... I never guessed that I would be writing about showbiz.

Anyway, it is still about politics and business...

Case No. 1: Remember the Jose Pidal scandal? And have you ever wondered why it was suddenly out of the headlines? in just a few weeks?

Case No. 2: How about this one... remember the controversial presidential daughter/actress/TV host who cried that she had been hit and bruised by her live-in partner who was a city mayor? And even leaked that she had contracted STD from him? This made it into the primetime news and stole one full hour from TV Patrol and Saksi.

Well, ayon sa aking bubwit, the whole thing described in Case No. 2 is just a show. Yes, everything was just a showcase of the actress' powers to get controversial and steal the show from other current issues. Some sources say that the Pidal family contracted the services of the controversial TV host in order for the public to completely forget the Jose Pidal scam.

And the show succeeded. It was a win-win situation. For both the TV host and the Pidal family. She gets the show, they get out of trouble.

Now, the controversial TV host has just given birth to a baby boy, also created out of a controversial relationship. She's been gone for a while, and the two other girls, Gretch and Ruff, are stealing the limelight.

What is it with these crazy girls that they love being the star of the show, regardless of how embarrassing it may be? Is it because of the money, paid for being exposed, interviewed, and exploited? What about their morality and ethics? What about their children and family?

I just got a picture from somewhere. I don't know who these are. I don't care! Wala lang, basta may mailagay lang na pic para colorful! (kahit parang nabasa sa ulan at kupas na yung photo)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Banco Paranaque

There have been some gossips in tabloids that Banco Paranaque is involved in illegal activities, but the bank has cried foul over these rumors, stating that these allegations were just meant to malign and destroy the reputation of the bank, its affiliates, and their top officials.

Rural Bank of Paranaque was established 1957, now celebrating 50 years of banking. The bank is in healthy operating condition. What is distinct about Banco Paranaque is the high interest rate they offer to depositors. Just like most other rural banks in the country, they are capable of providing high interest for deposits, because they also collect high interest in their microfinancing and other loan products.

We cannot say that rural banks are unstable. Definitely they are incomparable to commercial banks because they cater to a different market, have a different structure, and offer a simpler set of products and services.

Deposits in rural banks are also PDIC-insured, up to a maximum of P250,000. No need to worry if your deposits are within this amount, as we now have a strong and reliable Bangko Sentral and PDIC who stringently monitor the banking industry.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Metrobank and ANZ... I want an annulment!

ANZ is among the world-renown financial institutions that provide the best customer service. Based in Australia and New Zealand, ANZ boasts of its charter which aims to serve customers to the best of their ability.

In November 2005, ANZ launched a new
Customer Charter with stronger commitments to convenient, simple and responsible banking services. The 2006 Customer Charter sets benchmarks for service to personal and business customers including a formal commitment to lending in a responsible and transparent way.

Back here in Manila, go take a look at your Metrobank Credit Card and you will see the ANZ logo at the back. Hmmm… so
Metrobank Card Corporation is a tie-up between Metrobank and ANZ! Wow! What a union!

100% of all Metrobank Credit Card holders I know of have experienced a hell of a problem with their accounts. Talagang bulok! Their customer service is very bad, same is true with their other affiliate
PS Bank Mastercard.

I just wonder why ANZ is not doing something to address the problems, if indeed they are part of the Metrobank Card Corporation. I guess with ANZ’s excellent global image, they should not let Metrobank ruin their good name. Metrobank may have the controlling stake of this Card Corporation, but ANZ should find ways to live up to their good name, and if worse comes to worst, should consider breaking up with Metrobank.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mula sa anak ng negosyanteng pulitiko

Nag-aaral ako sa La Salle.

Ang dami kong kaklaseng Chinese. Apelyidong Uy, Lim, Tan, Co, Go, Chua, Chi, Sy, Wy, at kung anu-ano pa. Pero sa kanilang lahat kay Gilbert Go ako naging malapit.

Mayaman si Gilbert kaya mangyari pa, madalas siya ang taya sa tuwing gigimik ang barkada.

Isang araw na-ospital ang kanyang ama. Sinamahan ko siya sa pagdalaw. Nasa ICU na noon ang kanyang ama dahil sa stroke. Naron din ang ilan sa kanyang malalapit na kamag-anak. Nag-usap sila. Chinese ang kanilang usapan.... hindi ko maintindihan.

Pagkatapos ng ilang minutong usap-usap, nagkayayaan nang umuwi. Maiwan daw muna ako at pakibantayan ang kanyang ama habang inihahatid nya ang kanyang mga kamag-anak palabas ng ospital. Lumipat ako sa gawing kaliwa ng kama ng kanyang ama para ilapag ang mga iniwan nilang mga gamit na kakailanganin ng magbabantay sa ospital.

Nang akmang ilalapag ko na ay biglang nangisay ang matanda. Hinahabol nya ang kanyang hininga... Kinuyom nya ang kanyang palad at paulit-ulit siyang nagsalita ng wikang Chinese na hindi ko maintindihan."Di ta guae yong khee"..... "Di ta guae yong khee"... "Di ta guae yong khee".. paulit-ulit nya itong binigkas bago siya malagutan ng hininga.

Pagbalik ni Gilbert ay patay na ang kanyang ama. Ikinagulat nya ang pangyayari ngunit marahil ay tanggap na rin nya na papanaw na ang kanyang ama. Walang tinig na namutawi sa kanyang bibig. Ngunit iyon na yata ang pinakamasidhing pagluha na nasaksihan ko.

Nagpa-alam muna ako, dahil siguradong magdadatingan uli ang kanyang mga kamag-anak.Sumakay ako ng taksi pauwi. Habang nasa taksi.. tinawagan ko ang iba pa naming kabarkada.

Una kong tinawagan si Noel Chua.

Dahil marunong si Noel mag-Chinese, tinanong ko muna kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng "Di ta guae yong khee".

"Tinapakan mo ang oxygen ko. "... "Bakit saan mo ba narinig 'yan?".


Monday, June 4, 2007

Kavitvahay ni Tongressman

A boy sees his parents doing the "oral" thing:

Boy: Mommy, mommy, what are you doing to daddy?

Mom: Oh, I'm just blowing some air into daddy.

Boy: Mommy, mommy, don't do that. It's useless!

Mom: What? Why is that?

Boy: Because every afternoon, our neighbor comes in our house and together they pump out the air from daddy!!!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Topnotchers na nga... bumibili pa ng boto?

Bubwit heard that (one or more than one of the) top-ranking senatoriables are now engaging into dirty politics, as they are buying counted votes from their co-candidates, in order to secure the top slot.

From what I remember, it was LL who was so confident of getting the top slot, saying that he/she could only fall to number 2 if he/she was cheated.

So is LL the cheater? Or is he/she the one being cheated?

Hmmmm... whoever you are, Mr. or Ms. Cheater, isa lang ang masasabi ko sa inyo....

BASTUSH! Binigyan ka na nga ng pandesal, humingi ka pa ng bakeshop. Sumalupa ang iyong kaluluwa. Sana ay tumuntong ka na uli sa lupa at pagsilbihan na ang taong bayan.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

SM Cares, but...

Sent to us by the Autism Society of the Philippines:


In July 2004, Phil Daily Inquirer columnist Conrado Banal III wrote in his "Breaktime" column about how a then 17-year-old person with autism (PWA) was "mishandled" by SM Megamall's security guards.

SM, thru then-VP now President of Operations Ms Annie Garcia, immediately acknowledged their " responsbility in extending full assistance" to ALL their customers, and assured the training of their guards about autism "to better appreciate" their customers.

But SM did not just conduct one training session on autism for their guards. They started a series of orientation on almost-all disabilities, beginning with their mall managers from SM branches nationwide. And then orientation in different branches followed. These were attended by a total of more than one thousand guards, janitors, and tenants.

Last May 22, SM started again another series of the same orientation program in Mega Trade Hall. At least 300 security guards, janitors, and mall managers listened to speakers from ASP, Downs Syndrome Association of the Phils (DSAPI), and the National Council for Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP). More branches will hold the same program in time for the celebration of the Disability Month in July.

Asst VP for Operations Liza Silerio told the participants the incident of the 17yo PWA. She said that what touched the management most about the incident is the mother's unconditional love for her special son. With limited resources, she did not stop searching until she found, after 15 hours, her son who ran out of the mall.

We can only agree with Ms Annie Garcia when she said that the success of SM's 28 branches is not because of beautiful buildings and modern facilities. It is because of people who truly care.

ASP National President Dang Koe explained what is autism, its symptoms (with examples in mall settings) and how to handle special situations involving PWAs. She ended her talk by reiterating that while our PWAs do not need special ramps, parking spaces and rest rooms, a little love and understanding from the guards, the janitors and everyone can change a PWA's life forever.

More power to SM. Truly, you've got it all for us...and you serve 'em all for us...including our children with autiSM.


I am actually anti-SM, especially after their hostile takeover of EPCI, and because of their self-serving terms and lack of support for struggling suppliers who would want to have business with their retail chains.

But because of their efforts to please certain sectors of society... well well well. I still hate them! Anyways, I would just continue visiting their Supermalls. Visit lang ha, palamig sa aircon, makiinom ng tubig, maki-CR, etc.... I do not need to buy from SM if I do not need anything.

The public loves SM, and this is what is pretty visible, but hope you understand where I am coming from. There are small entrepreneurs who could not make money because of SM, and there are smaller guys out there (vendors, butchers, bakers, e-loaders, lotto operators, etc.) who are gravely affected by dwindling sales of their used to be "kumikitang kabuhayan", because SM has dominated all aspects of retail, killing all competition, no matter how big or small they are.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hello Banker? Merger! Merger!

Honestly, I am not happy with the series of mega bank mergers.

iBank was a growing bank with a great customer service proposition. When Unionbank came into the picture, many iBank employees left, and those who remain have lost their morale.

BDO's hostile acquisition of EPCI is an indication of a stronger, bigger, and more powerful SM empire. And this is not that good for business, especially manufacturers, suppliers and other retailers.

There were some good consequences for employees of acquired banks. Most iBank employees became executives and officers in other growing banks, while the majority of EPCI's trust employees were hired by international investment institutions.

BPI swallowed Prudential Bank, who previously merged with Pilipinas Bank. Wala lang... I just miss the old times... the old Prudentail Bank buildings with elderly customers and staff.

Bank mergers will continue as the Bangko Sentral wants to strengthen the banking system. In this modern times, being big, really big, is certainly an advantage.

I can smell RCBC as the easiest aquisition target among the big banks. Perhaps a BPI-RCBC merger?

Rumors say that a Taiwanese group is eyeing Metrobank... how true?

Unionbank has an interesting ambition in its company's vision statement: To be among the top 3 banks by the year 2010.

Well, we'll see...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fearless Forecast: comelec tally

Ok.. so as of May 20, 2007, Sunday night, Team Unity is leading 6-5-1. Wow... what an achievement! Cheating has never accelerated this way!

So at this rate, I would foresee a 10-0-2 final tally. And this will be the final ranking:

1. Tessie Aquino Oreta
2. Kiram
3. Cesar Montano
4. Vic Magsaysay
5. Tito Sotto
6. Butch Pichay
7. Migs Zubiri
8. Mike Defensor
9. Chavit Singson

10. Ralph Recto
11. Oliver Lozano
12. Victor Wood

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Belated April Fool's Day, fools!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stock politics

San Miguel shares are soaring high after the company partly got out of the shadow of Danding. Hmmm... yeah, good! But not that impressive.

Foreign credit ratings agencies now warn that they might cut their ratings on San Miguel which announced that it was investing in other businesses such as mining, utilities, infrastructure, and power.

Whatever! Basta!

You can never be at ease when you invest in companies that are linked to government and politics. Yes, that even includes PLDT, even though it is performing well. You can never be assured of its continued positive performance, as it still exists under the shadow of some past administrations. Aside from SMC, others may include PNB, Meralco, Maynilad, and most interestingly, the companies where GSIS and SSS have substantial investments.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why i campaigned against Loren

Loren Legarda, the No. 1 frontrunner in all surveys, said in an interview over the weekend:

"Madadaya para matalo... imposible!..."

"Madadaya para maging no.2? Posible! Kaya kelangan nating bantayan ang boto para di tayo madadaya!"

So, if I understood it right, she is saying that she is no.1 and she should be no.1, and that final election results that are not aligned with her belief would be unacceptable and would mean cheating.

The moment I heard this, I practically campaigned against Loren, knowing that she will win anyway. I asked my family, relatives, and friends not to vote for her, so that we can see her reaction if she indeed places a mere second.

Partial and unofficial results are coming in as of this very moment... She is on the second spot, and sometimes, third. Hope she can spend some time with us for another interview. We'll play her previous interview over and over again. and I'd love to see her reaction.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Senatorial Lineup

Bubwit's senatorial lineup:

1. Joker Arroyo
2. Ed Angara
3. Noynoy Aquino
4. Kiko Pangilinan
5. Nikki Coseteng
6. Manny Villar

on Bubwit's waiting list:
7. Loren Legarda... i dropped and changed to KIRAM!
8. Gringo Honasan
9. Tito Sotto... i dropped changed to ALAN CAYETANO!
10. Mike Defensor
11. Butch Pichay... i simply dropped!
12. Zosimo Paredes
13. Dr. Martin? whoever! anyway the 13th spot is invalid!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Ever experienced having leaky pipes in your home? Where do you get help?

"TUBERO"... followed by a landline number, written in blue, black or red paint, usually on a small white cardboard or plywood, and nailed on the wooden Meralco or PLDT post along the road.

Ever tried calling up these tubero's to fix your leaky pipes at home? If you haven't, then I suggest DON'T. My bubwit tells me that Kuya Tubero offers services not related to water pipes, but provides other type of pipe, the more interesting one for the fastest growing market segment (based on gender) and of course, the matrona's--what is it? Nothing else but the male pipe.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fr. Allan K.

Skip this. It's nonsense.

But if you wanna read through, just go on.

I have been bloggin' about politics and business, and criticizing government officials and tycoons/employers. I never thought I would be criticizing, in some way, the Catholic church.

Last Saturday, I attended mass at the Lourdes Church in QC. The 6pm mass, that is. I thought I mistakenly walked into a comedy bar. The voice of Allan K. is heard all over, saying the mass. Funny yeah, but all listeners needed to get serious, there is a holy celebration going on.

Sermon comes, and whoaaahhh!!! I just couldn't stand it. The priest was talking as if he was a gay stand-up comedian, cracking jokes, teasing the parishioners, asking couples to raise their hands, even pinpointing a pair and asking them to stand up and kiss on the lips. And they did, in front of hundreds of spectators.

He kept using vulgar language to air his homily and keep the parishioners awake and listening. His sermon has some direction, and to a slight degree, has its objective of preaching the Gospel. He kept "spoofing" the majority of parishioners, who, as we've all noticed, are just passively listening or daydreaming during the mass. Whenever responses are called for, this priest kept asking the listeners to respond louder and louder. Naturally, his homily extended for minutes, and he hit those who kept looking on to their watches. "Yung mga tingin ng tingin ng oras, sige lang! Tingnan nyo lang, at lalo kong hahabaan ang homily na ito!", he shouted.

One joke he cracked was this:

Misis: Father, papabinyagan ko po yung tuta ko.

Priest: Naku po misis, di po namin pinabibinyagan ang mga hayop. Pwede pong ipa-bless na lang.

Misis: Ay ganun po ba? Sige, dun na lang ako sa ibang relihiyon magpapabinyag ng tuta.

Priest: Ok.

Misis: Eh father, magkano po kaya ang ibibigay kong contribution sa simbahang iyon?

Priest: Kayo po ang bahala. Voluntary lang naman dapat yun.

Misis: Ok na po ba ang P300,000.00?

Priest: Kayo talaga misis! Eh bakit di niyo agad sinabing Katoliko ang tuta niyo?!

Then there was laughter among parishioners. The priest did not explain whether it was a good or bad joke. Nor did he tell any lesson of the story. And just went on and on, telling stupid stories, cracking foolish jokes, teasing a couple of parishioners... anything goes, just like what happens inside a comedy bar featuring Allan K. or any other gay comedian.

We all ended up, yeah, listening intently, but absorbing nothing sensible.

I know there is a lack of Catholic priests nowadays, and that is why the Church is considering to allow married men to become priests. But this one is simply unacceptable. I have nothing against gays or gay priests, but please, Fr. Allan K., please naman, behave!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Election Fever

By now, many of us may have a short list of candidates to vote for come May 14. I also do have one, but just like most of us, we simply cannot complete the 12 slots for the senate. There seem to be a lack of qualified aspirants, and an excess in ambitious nonsense assholes.

I will now roll out my short list of candidates who will probably win, but I will NOT vote for:


Now these are the ones who I will vote for:


So now my list is complete! I now have 12 names! Stupid me. Or better yet, stupid Philippine politics.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo! Taka-taka-takatakatak!!!

ABS-CBN is asking each responsible citizen to go out and vote on May 14, bringing along video cams or cellphones to capture images in case any sort of cheating comes along the way. Great initiative, paving the way for viewer-driven contents for its news programs.

But what is this I heard that the government will be prohibiting the use of cellphones in polling precincts? They said that vote buying is now high-tech. Instead of using carbon papers, vote buyers will require potential sellers to capture images of their actual ballot, indicating the names of candidates who they should write, and the payout given only after presentation of the captured image. Hmm... sounds logical, but definitely not a solid reason to prohibit the use of cellphones on election day.

This prohibition may be government's answer to ABS-CBN's innovative Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo campaign, in order to stop all concerned citizens who may want to report irregularities during the elections. Tsk, tsk, tsk.... too bad, too desparate. Administration candidates are, of course, trailing behind because of rampant cheating associated with the president's win over the king of Philippine movies in 2004, and here they are again, exercising their right to stay in power.

I just hope that whether or not we are allowed to be equipped with gadgets for safeguarding our votes, we still write down the names of candidates who really deserve the positions and will take the challenge of managing the country with unconditional service and integrity. Cheating will still remain, but I guess, with our collaborative efforts to junk ruthless and undeserving candidates, their unfair practices may not be enough to garner the votes they need. Remember when Erap was voted president? Supporters of the runner-up actually padded a lot of votes for Big Ears, but because of the overwhelming votes that poured in from the masa, no amount of cheating was able to change the rankings of the 1998 presidential polls.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I am voting for Gringo Honasan, although my conscience tells me I shouldn't. Tell me why I should not.

Gringo has been engaged in a number of coup attempts since the 1980's, but during his term as senator from 1995 to 2004, there were none. He even earned the distinction of being the senator with the most number of proposed bills.

I feel that if Gringo sits as a senator, then he will do good with the position given to him. Otherwise, if he is not elected into office, then we all would be groping in the dark, not knowing where he is and what underground movement he is developing, and we might again wake up to a dull morning with breaking news of another coup d' etat.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Raul Gonzales' statement about Julia Campbell

I encountered one moving comment in the blog of Ms. Julia Campbell that is worth publishing...

Dear Julia,

Our arrogant and heartless Department of Justice Chief commented that "you are careless to go alone to that deserted area".

It is not your fault. Nor you are careless. You trusted us that much. How about questioning and
developing security measures for tourists visiting that area?

Mr. Raul Gonzales has no right to
judge you that way. He should now start doing his job! That is - give
justice to this horrible crime!



Great Melk! Very well said. It is really shameful to have Raul Gonzales as a cabinet secretary, especially in this scenario where foreign media are monitoring how the Philippines is investigating the crime.We are really saddened by the incident. The truth is, Julia is more Filipino than most other government officials we have. We will truly miss you. Thanks Julia for your goodness. Congratulations for a job well done.

Pag good ka, ok ka? What was that?!!

I hate Joker Arroyo's latest political ad. What the heck! Why do you need to add the line "Pag good ka, ok ka"? Was it because of the not-so-satisfactory survey results that put him only around the 10-12 ranking?

There are definitely more "bad" than "good" guys nowadays, and his "Pag bad ka, lagot ka" ad may have hurt a number of supporters. But Joker doesn't need to make that turnaround and revise the image in his ads. He remains to be a well-respected elderly statesman, deserving a seat in the Senate, and he should have stood by his image as a brave defendant of truth, justice and freedom.

Why am I so affected by this, my friend asked. It's because I wanted him to be no. 1 in the official tally for the 2007 senatorial polls, and I think that this total image turnaround will not do much good to improve his 10-12 survey ranking.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free movie screening! The Global Warming Report

I am not really in favor of SM's dominance in the business 
scene as they tend to kill small and medium-sized
businesses. But this time, I am on their side. They
have tied up with www.wwf.org.ph who sent me an

Watch "
An Inconvenient Truth" FOR FREE!

Earth Day, April 22, 2007 (Sunday), SM Cinema, together
with DENR, Earth Day Network
Philippines, and Magnavision,
invites you to watch FREE SCREENINGS of "
An Inconvenient Truth"
at 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM at the following theaters:

1. SM MALL OF ASIA - 5560104-05
2. SM MEGAMALL - 6331901, 6384270
3. SM NORTH EDSA - 9295452
4. SM MANILA - 5239240/05
5. SM SAN LAZARO - 7862487-88
6. SM CENTERPOINT-STA. MESA - 7161416, 7160647
7. SM FAIRVIEW - 4176811, 9350749
8. SM SOUTHMALL - 8066888, 8066782
9. SM PAMPANGA - 8311000 loc 1610-11, (045) 9637681-85
10. SM CLARK - (045) 6255844-45
11. SM
BAGUIO - 8311000 loc 1625-26, (074) 6197838/39/41
12. SM
CEBU - 8311000 loc 1637, (032) 2313876
13. SM
DAVAO - 8311000 loc 1605-06, (082) 2976998
14. SM BACOLOD - (034) 7081010, 8311000 loc 1650

Come celebrate
Earth Day at SM Cinemas. Bring your friends
and family on April 22 and watch "
An Inconvenient Truth"
FOR FREE! Spread the word
and discover what you can do for
your planet.

Feel free to pass this email to your office mates, friends, and family.
"Kelan ka pa ba naman pwede manglibre ng sine na pangmaramihan?"
more information, visit www.smcinema.com /

Thank you.

Be a member of WWF and do your share for the
environment. Visit www.wwf.org.ph now!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Maynila Kita

Lito Atienza has served three terms in the City of Manila, and many are amazed by how beautiful the capital has become under his regime.

Beautiful? What's so nice about closing down major streets? Rizal Avenue in Sta. Cruz has been closed, and subsequently killed businesses in the area. Hmm... diverted most vehicles to Ongpin though... benefiting other establishments owned by his friendly friends?

And did you say that Baywalk and other parks were great accomplishments of the mayor that once appeared in a Cartoon Network ad? Better check the contracts if you would still appreciate the beauty of these overpriced projects.

I look forward to a brighter and forward-looking Manila by June 2007, when either Fred Lim or Danny Lacuna would occupy city hall. Hmm.. for the vice-mayoralty race, well... Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! It's Cita Astals vs. Robert Ortega vs. Isko Moreno.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

GSIS selling spree

GSIS is on a selling spree! They have just sold their stake in San Miguel Corp., saying that the market condition is good for them. Wowowee!!! FYI, SMC shares are doing badly! and GSIS has sold their other stocks and raised a total of P25 billion, worthy of triggering speculations on what drove them to make such enormous moves!

GSIS employees continue to rally, insisting that their president Winston Garcia should be sacked because of catastrophic degrees of corruption. Hmmm... a month before the upcoming senatorial elections where administration candidates are trailing behind, what could be GSIS' objective to go on a selling spree?

San Miguel unloads Del Monte!

What the heck! After selling Coca-Cola, here comes SMC again... unloading Del Monte, only a few months after acquiring the tomato logo.

SMC had quite a history of buying food companies, reorganizing them, transferring subsidiaries from one to the other, then reselling the companies. Bought Coke, sold Coke. Then bought Coke again. Tied up with Nestle, broke up with Nestle. Dropped Magnolia Ice Cream, revived Magnolia Ice Cream. Bought Purefoods, dropped a few Magnolia products. Tied up with Nestle and produced Nestea. Bought Sugarland (Eight o' Clock), put it under Coca-cola, and sold Coke again along with Eight o' Clock and Nestea. Bought Del Monte, sold Del Monte.

No wonder SMC is the only blue chip that has been performing very poorly in the stock market.

What are you up to Danding? Don't you have much money to fund your political allies? and what has ever happened to UCPB? Why hasn't it performed any better?

konsehal ambot!

I had a heated argument with a lawyer via text. He is a candidate for councilor in the upcoming elections. Just the other day, I suddenly heard a "kalabog" outside our house. When I reached the door, there stood a man with a ladder, a huge stapler, and some posters. He had just stapled a small poster of this lawyer-candidate on a part of our door.

When he saw me... wow! he flashed another poster for me to see, and a big smile. I could not smile back. I asked him what that was, and he said it was a poster, pointing to what he had just stapled in our place. I asked him to remove it, and he apologized as he thought that there was no one in our house. I answered back that even if there were no people, he should not put anything on our house, as it is a private property.

I searched for the lawyer's contact number and called his office to inform him of the incident. But no one answered so I just texted the mobile number indicated. Thinking that it was the cellphone used by his office, I sent the message: "Pls tell ur people not to put posters on houses without permission. You have an attorney as candidate, but u dont seem to know what is legal and ethical."

Aba! Kapal muks! Sumagot ang loko: "I have a few posters, konti lang po yan at di dapat masayang kung tatanggalin lang ng mga ayaw. -Atty. Xxx Xxxxx"

Nyahahahha!!!! Are you trying to win votes or committing suicide with that statement? Taray ng loko. And he continued texting me to dispute what I said as legal and ethical, and wanted to spend some time with me to clarify the matter.

Hmm... as far as I remember, there is such a thing that a candidate must only spend around P3.00 per voter for his campaign. He technically has overspent by texting me more than three times, hehehe joke! But it was really useless and I find it arrogant for him to insist on the legality and ethical implications of the incident that inconvenienced me, and I never got any bit of apology from him for the damage done, even when my intention for texting him was just to inform him of the wrongdoings that his team does, and expressing my position that intruding to our property without permission is, from my perspective, an illegal and unethical act to do against us private citizens.

Definitely I won't vote for this lawyer, not because his staff posted something onto our house, but it's because I do not really know him well, and yet his over-reactions gave me a clue to what kind of a person he really was.