Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why i campaigned against Loren

Loren Legarda, the No. 1 frontrunner in all surveys, said in an interview over the weekend:

"Madadaya para matalo... imposible!..."

"Madadaya para maging no.2? Posible! Kaya kelangan nating bantayan ang boto para di tayo madadaya!"

So, if I understood it right, she is saying that she is no.1 and she should be no.1, and that final election results that are not aligned with her belief would be unacceptable and would mean cheating.

The moment I heard this, I practically campaigned against Loren, knowing that she will win anyway. I asked my family, relatives, and friends not to vote for her, so that we can see her reaction if she indeed places a mere second.

Partial and unofficial results are coming in as of this very moment... She is on the second spot, and sometimes, third. Hope she can spend some time with us for another interview. We'll play her previous interview over and over again. and I'd love to see her reaction.


Richard? said...

oo nga e, ang yabang ni Loren! Tingnan natin ano sasabihin nia pg tnalo sya ni Chiz! Chiz for President!

whitelighter said...

Sa probinsiya namin, itinatakwil siya kasi kabit lang siya ng dati namin gobernador. Remember, she and her ex-husband converted to Muslim because she's just number two. And I think she will remain number two even in this election. I pity her when she gave her preposterous claim to be in that top position. Mana talaga siya sa dati niyang asawang HUDAS!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I love Loren the Journalist more than I like Loren the Politician. And I kid you not! www.anitokid.blogspot.com

I AM SAM said...

Boohoo Loren..... She never learned her lessons..... The results will serve as a reality check for her..... In truth, she will never be number 1.