Friday, June 22, 2007

Mayor Lim should have given way to Danny Lacuna

One day before the elections, May 13, I chanced upon Mayor Fred Lim at the National Bookstore branch in the Mall of Asia.

Cool! Dirty Harry with his wife queuing, waiting for their turn at the check out counter.

This man is admirable, and truly deserves another term as City Mayor of Manila.

But think again. Danny Lacuna, who has been vice-mayor for numerous terms, wasn't given the chance to be the mayor, despite of his 40 long years of dedicated service to the Manilenyos.

So did Manilenyos make the wrong decision of reinstalling Lim as mayor? Not really. Both would have served their constituents well, but the downside of electing Lim as mayor this year is...

... Lim won't be able to finish his remaining 3 years as senator of the republic, and thus, we again have a senate with just 23 members, which had happened before, when PGMA and Noli were each elected as VP in 1998 and 2004, respectively. And there have been occasions when members of the senate need to debate or vote on important matters, and by now we should realize that the numbers really count.

A better scenario would have been Lim staying on as senator, and Lacuna assuming the mayoralty post in Manila. We could have had a senate with a complete lineup, and at the same time, still tap the services of Lacuna.

Well, anyway, what the legislators should do now is to fix the problem of letting senators assume other posts and not finishing their terms.

A reverse scenario was that of Lito Lapid. He ran for the mayoralty post in Makati, saying that he does not really fit into the job of a legislator. By admitting that, Lapid should have resigned from the senate to run for mayor. Interestingly, he lost, and he still would enjoy the next 3 years sitting comfortably in the session hall of the senate.


Ary said...
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Ary said...

I guess Mayor Lim really deserves to be a Mayor of Manila (or as a Senator) ever since he started his campaign against drugs.On the other hand, Senator Lito Lapid, as I perceived, is just a decoration in the Senate. He and his Constituents like Loy Ejercito and others who do not really know how the Senate works are just mere government officials who just keep on receiving big amount of money every month without giving enough services to the public.

Nonetheless, Lito Lapid and others are good sources of jokes and entertainment.


Lito Lapid's candidacy was a joke. Glad it's over.

Richard? said...

Ayos yung picture ni Lapid ah! Pogi! On a more serious note, I agree that senators should be required to finish their terms. Heck, the votes of the people are being wasted because they worked for only three years. Also, Danny Lacuna should have been given a chance. He looks sincere naman unlike Ali Atienza with his stupid posters "Wala Akong alam...blah blah blah"

Rodrigo said...

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Kat said...

Ang dami ko nang na-miss!

Kita ko sila sa Avenida nung parade, sila ni Isko. Parang pa-thank you ata yun. Kumakain ako nun sa Chowking ng Shanghai Lauriat.

huhu! miss ko na Chowking =(

M. G. G. Hasa said...

Si Lacuna mukhang DOM!

Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar talk on this topic and you illustrate something we haven't covered yet, appreciate that.

- Laura

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