Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free movie screening! The Global Warming Report

I am not really in favor of SM's dominance in the business 
scene as they tend to kill small and medium-sized
businesses. But this time, I am on their side. They
have tied up with who sent me an

Watch "
An Inconvenient Truth" FOR FREE!

Earth Day, April 22, 2007 (Sunday), SM Cinema, together
with DENR, Earth Day Network
Philippines, and Magnavision,
invites you to watch FREE SCREENINGS of "
An Inconvenient Truth"
at 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM at the following theaters:

1. SM MALL OF ASIA - 5560104-05
2. SM MEGAMALL - 6331901, 6384270
3. SM NORTH EDSA - 9295452
4. SM MANILA - 5239240/05
5. SM SAN LAZARO - 7862487-88
6. SM CENTERPOINT-STA. MESA - 7161416, 7160647
7. SM FAIRVIEW - 4176811, 9350749
8. SM SOUTHMALL - 8066888, 8066782
9. SM PAMPANGA - 8311000 loc 1610-11, (045) 9637681-85
10. SM CLARK - (045) 6255844-45
11. SM
BAGUIO - 8311000 loc 1625-26, (074) 6197838/39/41
12. SM
CEBU - 8311000 loc 1637, (032) 2313876
13. SM
DAVAO - 8311000 loc 1605-06, (082) 2976998
14. SM BACOLOD - (034) 7081010, 8311000 loc 1650

Come celebrate
Earth Day at SM Cinemas. Bring your friends
and family on April 22 and watch "
An Inconvenient Truth"
FOR FREE! Spread the word
and discover what you can do for
your planet.

Feel free to pass this email to your office mates, friends, and family.
"Kelan ka pa ba naman pwede manglibre ng sine na pangmaramihan?"
more information, visit /

Thank you.

Be a member of WWF and do your share for the
environment. Visit now!


Richard? said...

That's cool! May iba bang screening dates? At least SM is promoting environmental awareness.

Ary said...

I guess on a certain aspects, SM really kills small-medium sized enterprises.However, when we look at the economy of the country as a whole, only small chunks of enterprises are being affected by SM since other enterprises belong to other sub industries that comprise the economy.And besides...Yes, these small-medium enterprises also help the economy of the country but compared to what SM does, I guess the effect on the economy of the affected enterprises by SM would be negligible compared if SM lost its compliance from the public.

**I am playing the character of a heroic guy here trying to save the economy.hahahahaha...

Kat said...

sana may mga ganire sa tin, lalo na yung window cooler.