Thursday, May 3, 2007

Election Fever

By now, many of us may have a short list of candidates to vote for come May 14. I also do have one, but just like most of us, we simply cannot complete the 12 slots for the senate. There seem to be a lack of qualified aspirants, and an excess in ambitious nonsense assholes.

I will now roll out my short list of candidates who will probably win, but I will NOT vote for:


Now these are the ones who I will vote for:


So now my list is complete! I now have 12 names! Stupid me. Or better yet, stupid Philippine politics.


Anonymous said...

Ping is too "clean" to be true. And that's dangerous. Yun bang malinis tumrabaho ng kalokohan. I know him as a liar. A big liar I remember him being interviewed in GMA-7 in 2000. The first question was, "Pumatay ka na ba?" He proudly answered a YES. Three years later, he revealed his intention of running for president in 2004. He was again interviewed by GMA-7. Different wording, but same question, "Nakapatay ka na ba?" He said NO.

Anonymous said...

Chiz is the immature guy in the House. He talks too much. He can be given the award Best Debater, but not Senator

bochok said...

Pumatay ka na ba? <---- sounds like a murderer... Nakapatay ka na ba? <---- insinuates a suspect of a homicide and/or a murder case. Maybe Ping wants to be called a murderer. Who knows and who cares about him?!

Richard? said...

ako k cesar montano ako tska richard gomez! para at least ksma na nila c bong revilla, lito lapid, nd jinggoy! pero seriously, i like nikki coseteng and ung Kapatiran

charlie said...

hmmm... but "nakapatay" also includes those who did "pumatay" ng tao right?