Monday, May 7, 2007

Fr. Allan K.

Skip this. It's nonsense.

But if you wanna read through, just go on.

I have been bloggin' about politics and business, and criticizing government officials and tycoons/employers. I never thought I would be criticizing, in some way, the Catholic church.

Last Saturday, I attended mass at the Lourdes Church in QC. The 6pm mass, that is. I thought I mistakenly walked into a comedy bar. The voice of Allan K. is heard all over, saying the mass. Funny yeah, but all listeners needed to get serious, there is a holy celebration going on.

Sermon comes, and whoaaahhh!!! I just couldn't stand it. The priest was talking as if he was a gay stand-up comedian, cracking jokes, teasing the parishioners, asking couples to raise their hands, even pinpointing a pair and asking them to stand up and kiss on the lips. And they did, in front of hundreds of spectators.

He kept using vulgar language to air his homily and keep the parishioners awake and listening. His sermon has some direction, and to a slight degree, has its objective of preaching the Gospel. He kept "spoofing" the majority of parishioners, who, as we've all noticed, are just passively listening or daydreaming during the mass. Whenever responses are called for, this priest kept asking the listeners to respond louder and louder. Naturally, his homily extended for minutes, and he hit those who kept looking on to their watches. "Yung mga tingin ng tingin ng oras, sige lang! Tingnan nyo lang, at lalo kong hahabaan ang homily na ito!", he shouted.

One joke he cracked was this:

Misis: Father, papabinyagan ko po yung tuta ko.

Priest: Naku po misis, di po namin pinabibinyagan ang mga hayop. Pwede pong ipa-bless na lang.

Misis: Ay ganun po ba? Sige, dun na lang ako sa ibang relihiyon magpapabinyag ng tuta.

Priest: Ok.

Misis: Eh father, magkano po kaya ang ibibigay kong contribution sa simbahang iyon?

Priest: Kayo po ang bahala. Voluntary lang naman dapat yun.

Misis: Ok na po ba ang P300,000.00?

Priest: Kayo talaga misis! Eh bakit di niyo agad sinabing Katoliko ang tuta niyo?!

Then there was laughter among parishioners. The priest did not explain whether it was a good or bad joke. Nor did he tell any lesson of the story. And just went on and on, telling stupid stories, cracking foolish jokes, teasing a couple of parishioners... anything goes, just like what happens inside a comedy bar featuring Allan K. or any other gay comedian.

We all ended up, yeah, listening intently, but absorbing nothing sensible.

I know there is a lack of Catholic priests nowadays, and that is why the Church is considering to allow married men to become priests. But this one is simply unacceptable. I have nothing against gays or gay priests, but please, Fr. Allan K., please naman, behave!


kikong kalikot said...

maniwala man kayo o sa hindi nung bata ako gusto kong magpari...

ako lang po said...

ako rin gusto kong magpari. Sana payagan na ang mga may-asawa na maging pari, or mga paring gustong mag-asawa.

J. Bubwit said...

aba, aba. kikong kalikot!

Richard? said...

hmm.. no comment..

whitelighter said...

Wala niya sa probinsya. Halos seryoso ang mga pari sa simbahan at tuloy... maiikli ang oras ng mga misa. Siguro sa siyudad lang uso ang ganyan klaseng sermon.

I AM SAM said...

At least nagpapakatotoo ung pari.... Mahirap kcng magpanggap sa likod ng abito....

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Such unacceptable behavior! He is in the House of God! And if it that means something to him, and IT SHOULD, he shouldn't have done what he did. Would you go to the house of an important person, i.e., the President, and behaved in such a tasteless manner? He could have gotten his message across in a different way, if you think about it. I have nothing against gays or gay priests for that matter. Some of my best friends have that lifestyle. But one thing they do have is presence of mind, self respect and respect for others. Imagine the impact of the so-called Fr. Allan on the children who came to hear mass with their parents. Shocked? Maybe? Confused on what being a servant of God is? Definitely. I am no saint, but I am no sinner either. And if our paths do come across in this lifetime, I will give him a piece of my mind...not because he is gay; but due to the way he handled himself and represented God. And I kid you not!

katkat said...

Pwede bang i-report yan sa kinauukulan? If there's such thing as moral police here in PH.

Parang junk food. You chew his words but you get no nourishment.