Sunday, April 15, 2007

San Miguel unloads Del Monte!

What the heck! After selling Coca-Cola, here comes SMC again... unloading Del Monte, only a few months after acquiring the tomato logo.

SMC had quite a history of buying food companies, reorganizing them, transferring subsidiaries from one to the other, then reselling the companies. Bought Coke, sold Coke. Then bought Coke again. Tied up with Nestle, broke up with Nestle. Dropped Magnolia Ice Cream, revived Magnolia Ice Cream. Bought Purefoods, dropped a few Magnolia products. Tied up with Nestle and produced Nestea. Bought Sugarland (Eight o' Clock), put it under Coca-cola, and sold Coke again along with Eight o' Clock and Nestea. Bought Del Monte, sold Del Monte.

No wonder SMC is the only blue chip that has been performing very poorly in the stock market.

What are you up to Danding? Don't you have much money to fund your political allies? and what has ever happened to UCPB? Why hasn't it performed any better?


Kim said...

i'm a big fan of SMC.. specially San Mig Light=)hehehe... and the strategy of SMC is quite bewildering... but who knows this so called "strategy" might be the reason why SMC is kickin' butt in the market..

Richard? said...

I just have a question, what is the real reason why SMC buys and unloads its subsidiaries?

Jay Bubwit said...

Making money.. making big bucks without working hard enough. That's what big conglomerates enjoy, especially if they are headed by magnates connected to government. Have you wondered why all these are happening just in time for the upcoming elections?