Sunday, April 15, 2007

konsehal ambot!

I had a heated argument with a lawyer via text. He is a candidate for councilor in the upcoming elections. Just the other day, I suddenly heard a "kalabog" outside our house. When I reached the door, there stood a man with a ladder, a huge stapler, and some posters. He had just stapled a small poster of this lawyer-candidate on a part of our door.

When he saw me... wow! he flashed another poster for me to see, and a big smile. I could not smile back. I asked him what that was, and he said it was a poster, pointing to what he had just stapled in our place. I asked him to remove it, and he apologized as he thought that there was no one in our house. I answered back that even if there were no people, he should not put anything on our house, as it is a private property.

I searched for the lawyer's contact number and called his office to inform him of the incident. But no one answered so I just texted the mobile number indicated. Thinking that it was the cellphone used by his office, I sent the message: "Pls tell ur people not to put posters on houses without permission. You have an attorney as candidate, but u dont seem to know what is legal and ethical."

Aba! Kapal muks! Sumagot ang loko: "I have a few posters, konti lang po yan at di dapat masayang kung tatanggalin lang ng mga ayaw. -Atty. Xxx Xxxxx"

Nyahahahha!!!! Are you trying to win votes or committing suicide with that statement? Taray ng loko. And he continued texting me to dispute what I said as legal and ethical, and wanted to spend some time with me to clarify the matter.

Hmm... as far as I remember, there is such a thing that a candidate must only spend around P3.00 per voter for his campaign. He technically has overspent by texting me more than three times, hehehe joke! But it was really useless and I find it arrogant for him to insist on the legality and ethical implications of the incident that inconvenienced me, and I never got any bit of apology from him for the damage done, even when my intention for texting him was just to inform him of the wrongdoings that his team does, and expressing my position that intruding to our property without permission is, from my perspective, an illegal and unethical act to do against us private citizens.

Definitely I won't vote for this lawyer, not because his staff posted something onto our house, but it's because I do not really know him well, and yet his over-reactions gave me a clue to what kind of a person he really was.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Found this interesting blog - quite new but the thoughts and insights are very fresh! hope to see more of bubwit's posts. mabuhay!

Jay Dilim said...

Thanks anitokid!

Jay Bubwit said...

Itago na lang nating ang bubuyog na abogado sa ngalang... Atty. Sitsi Ritsit!