Thursday, April 19, 2007

Raul Gonzales' statement about Julia Campbell

I encountered one moving comment in the blog of Ms. Julia Campbell that is worth publishing...

Dear Julia,

Our arrogant and heartless Department of Justice Chief commented that "you are careless to go alone to that deserted area".

It is not your fault. Nor you are careless. You trusted us that much. How about questioning and
developing security measures for tourists visiting that area?

Mr. Raul Gonzales has no right to
judge you that way. He should now start doing his job! That is - give
justice to this horrible crime!



Great Melk! Very well said. It is really shameful to have Raul Gonzales as a cabinet secretary, especially in this scenario where foreign media are monitoring how the Philippines is investigating the crime.We are really saddened by the incident. The truth is, Julia is more Filipino than most other government officials we have. We will truly miss you. Thanks Julia for your goodness. Congratulations for a job well done.


Richard? said...

Bobo naman talaga yang Gonzales na yan e! Kapag humarap sa media walang kwenta mga sinasabi! Tactless! (This is my own opinion and sorry if it offends anyone, peace)

I AM SAM said...

I agree..... Naalala ko pa nung nainterview c Gonzales regarding the joint Congress canvassing after the 2004 Presidential elections. Sabi nya, he is not accepting any position in the event that Gloria is confirmed as the winner. Parang wlang breeding.... Justice Secretary ba yan? D nga? May God give you eternal peace Julia.. and to Sec. Gonzales, #$%*&@!!!!!!